Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The new year is here at last and I have a few resolutions for 2011:

1. To be a conscious parent and spouse.

2. To make delicious meals almost every night.

3. To continue on my breastfeeding counselor journey

I have thought about what I need to do to meet these goals. I have started to actually take the steps to meet my resolutions.
I have purchased a book Parenting Effectiveness Training by Dr. Thomas Gordon. I have only just begun to read this highly recommended book on my Kobo eReader. I don't know what I am more excited about becoming a more effective parent or my Kobo. I can take this light weight electronic reader anywhere. It comes with 100 pre-loaded classics like The Jungle Book by Kipling. I am currently reading this to MonkeyGirl and part of my first resolution, to share my love of reading with MonkeyGirl.
Sharing a love of reading
 I purchased a day planner today to help make a regular schedule so that I can stay on top of my household jobs as well as meal planning. Tonight's meal is Mulligatawny soup (recipe is here). I will be trying a few new recipes every week as well as sticking with some old favorites.
Now we come to resolution number 3. I would love to attend a DONA approved Postpartum Doula Workshop in June. I have some reading to do before then. I am in the process of becoming an applicant for a La Leche League Leader as well . These two goals have intersecting pathways and both will be helpful to my goal of helping breastfeeding mothers.
Here is to the new year and to meeting goals.

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