Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sore Loser

My daughter and I are affected by cold sores. These nasty little sores have bothered me since I was 7 years old. I feel like I have tried every remedy: OTC, prescription, natural, preventative with varying degrees of success. I recently came across a product by My Mama's Love called Sore Loser. This is an all natural product that according to their trial participants can stop a cold sore in it's tracks or after the blister erupts can cut healing time to 3 days. MonkeyGirl has had numerous cold sores this winter and we usually use Zovirax, which is a prescription cream. Her healing time is somewhere around 5 days while using Zovirax. She woke up the other day with the start of a cold sore. I immediately put some Sore Loser on it. She said it smelled nice and didn't sting. A great review from 5 year old MonkeyGirl. Today is the end of day 2 of her cold sore and the blister is completely gone. She has a small red mark on her lip where the cold sore was yesterday. I can't believe, it seems like a miracle.
Opinions of a Moody Mama is having a giveaway of some My Mama's Love products. I have entered the contest, have you?

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  1. We have to get some of this for Jenna when she comes home. And for me!!!